Walter Jefferson

What liquid diets are good for immediate weight loss?

I've read a lot of articles, and really confused!

10 Dec 2012, 13:38 / Answers: 2 / Answer
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  • Helen

    All healthy weight loss diets have one thing in common -- dieters must consume fewer calories than they burn. All diets come with their fair share of hurdles and medically approved liquid weight loss diets are no exception. Consult your physician prior to embarking upon any weight loss program, including a medically approved liquid weight loss diet.
    Frankly speaking, I used juice liquid diet. Check it out. I guess, everyone will love to drink juices and losing weight mutually.

    12 Dec 2012 in 13:49
  • Nelly Bush

    juices are great for diet. For example grapefruit juice helps burning fat and keeps an appetite away.

    12 Jun 2013 in 19:40
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