Mike Still

What does 20/20 vision mean? I have also seen 20/15, 20/10. How should I understand it?

31 May 2013, 18:31 / Answers: 2 / Answer
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  • Nika

    20/20 means that a person has normal standard vision.

    Basically, the second number stands for norm, and the first number shows a ratio to norm. 20/10 would mean: I can see at 20 feet what people on average can see from 10 feet.

    20/15 is therefore better than 20/20, but it is not very common.

    20/10 is even less common, but not all that rare.

    20/8 is the best human vision ever recorded.

    31 May 2013 in 20:50
  • Edwin Crane

    20/20 means normal standard vision

    12 Jun 2013 in 18:05
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