Adejumo Sunday

My arms are so skinny, how do i make them bigger?

I have a terrible complex!

10 Dec 2012, 13:44 / Answers: 4 / Answer
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  • Kranbalke

    Well, I think that working out is the best way of making your arms bigger, But, don't be obsessed with a gym: make a schedule of your trainings. Also it would be nice if you develop or just google a good protein diet. Good luck!

    12 Dec 2012 in 13:21
  • Teddy Broun

    I say, first of all change your attitude, and only then make your arm bigger. Many people in fact like skinny arms, even in men

    31 May 2013 in 18:39
  • George Hughes


    06 Jun 2013 in 16:21
  • Jacklyn Williamson

    I like big arms only if they fit to the body. Slim guys with two bulk pillows on the sides are very unattractive.

    13 Jun 2013 in 14:12
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