Александр Тарасов

I think my girlfriend is suffering from an eating disorder, what do I do?

I love her and worry about her. Need advise.

10 Dec 2012, 13:23 / Answers: 1 / Answer
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  • Helen

    First of all, she needs to eat. Make sure she knows how much you love her. Make sure she knows how beautiful she is. Tell her you won't judge her and that no matter what you love her and ask her to tell you honestly what's been going on with her eating. Try to make sure she eats. If she won't listen to you, you're going to have to tell an adult about it because what's most important is making sure that she doesn't get worse. Just be there for her and make sure she knows you are there for her on her road to recovery.

    12 Dec 2012 in 14:25
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