Lauren Johns

I hate cellulite, it stresses me out all the time. How to get rid of it?

12 Jun 2013, 19:19 / Answers: 3 / Answer
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  • Wendy Beasley

    First of all, cellulite has genetic roots, and many doctors believe it is incurable.

    It is true for some cases where not much can be done really. But even in the most severe situations you can decrease the amount of cellulite, or change its structure so it is not as strikingly noticeable.

    1. Exercise regularly. My experience shows that in most situation cellulite is a result of incorrect lifestyle and immobility. Many women can take care of it by simply exercising a few times a week.

    2. Follow healthy and balanced diet. Drink plenty of water, try to increase amount of vegetables and fruits in your regular menu.

    3. If changing your lifestyle does not help or you already lead a proper one, consider cosmetic procedures like messages and medical products that stimulate blood circulation in the affected areas.

    There is also one additional thing. If you are hundred percent confident your life can not be complete with cellulite on your bottom, go for a challenging hike once or twice.

    I've noticed that really difficult physical efforts during short period of time do wonders. It has to be really laborious hike one that requires unusual efforts. Not many people do this because the majority just wants to lay down for a half an cellulite to magically disappear. Unfortunately, it does not work that way.

    13 Jun 2013 in 14:10
  • Jacklyn Williamson

    wow. not much to be added. Just think why you got it in the first place:)

    13 Jun 2013 in 14:11
  • Мария Ковальчук

    Don't let it develop. Exercise, watch your food and you should be fine

    17 Jun 2013 in 17:18
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