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Youcure.me is a social project, which brings together people, who perceive healthy lifestyle as a key to success and prosperity. Our team consists of the best beauty and health experts and fitness instructors. Excellent health, good physical condition and high spirits are our top priorities.

Here you can find not only the most useful health-related information, but also the most modern and handy services, which become priceless assistants in any situation.


Main youcure.me features

  • Health record is a convenient service for patients and those who often seek hospital treatment.  Using this service a user can independently trace his\her medical record, as well as methods and means of treatment. We have provided a useful feature of displaying a health record information in a user-friendly format, because we feel doctors always need this.


  • Drugs Translator was developed specifically for those users who travel abroad a lot. The service provides a clear information on generic drugs in any country. It also helps to choose a proper treatment.


  • U-maps —  an excellent city orientation service from Youcure.me. Chemist's, healthcare facilities, fitness centers and SPA salons and even veterinary clinics – here you can find everything for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of the illnesses.


  • Schedule appointment  —  this service will find you the nearest healthcare facility as well as a proper doctor. It doesn't matter whether you are in your home country or anywhere else. Schedule appointment is a priceless service, especially when you are in the unfamiliar city or abroad.


  • All this and more is accessible 24\7 for all  Youcure.me users.


It unanimously agreed that the world headed for improving not only health education and services, but also the health culture of the people. Youcure.me invites everyone to become the part of our team. Together we can build the society of healthy, beautiful and active people. Convenient services, latest information, quick answers and high-quality help are basic needs of a modern human, who strives to improve the life of his health and the health of the loved ones.


Join Youcure.me and get healthier everyday!







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