New cure to hair loss may be on its way

5 Mar 2013, 10:56
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New cure to hair loss may be on its way

Scientists have recently discovered a new type of protein that can be used to help revive hair growth. This particular protein takes part in producing signals to hair follicle cells to initiate a new cycle of hair growth.


According to the journal  "Genes & Development" where the study has been published, the discovery can help develop a new method to reduce or completely seize hair loss.


Scientists from the Dermatology Department at the medical faculty of Boston University have found out that the protein named Laminin 511 plays a significant role in hair growth process.


It is produced by the upper layer of skin cells, and then penetrates into the below layers activating the cell responsible for hair tissue production.

Besides the common problem of baldness among men and hair loss issues that some women suffer, potential treatment based on the discovery can also be useful for people who are loosing hair because of the chemotherapy or head injuries.


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