New corona virus study results

12 Mar 2013, 08:12
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New corona virus

According to World Health Organization, this virus has already infected 14 people and killed eight of them. The first case of the virus was reported in April last year.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome, also known as atypical pneumonia, is caused by the virus from the family of corona viruses, which also includes the virus that causes the common cold.


The epidemic of atypical pneumonia burst out in China when the virus jumped to humans from animals and started spreading among people. In 2003 Chinese SARS outburst, the virus killed 750 people, and total 8,000 people contracted the disease. It is believed that the newly discovered corona virus also comes from animals.

Three of the confirmed cases of the new corona virus infection were recorded in the Great Britain. First, the virus infected a 60-year man that had been in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, then a man from the family of first patient with health problems, and later a woman who contacted them.


This showed that the new virus became able to make a transfer among people.


The symptoms of the new corona virus include fever, cough, dyspnea. The World Health Organization has not banned visiting Middle East countries yet, but warned of the possibility of contracting the illness.


There is no specific treatment for the virus infection yet, but it can be easily diagnosed with the help of PCR testing. The research on this virus currently continues.


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