New brain study launch talks

25 Feb 2013, 07:00
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Human brain, the most intricate part of our body, also remains the most unexplored.


The White House has recently informed that in the nearest future a new brain exploring programme will be launched in the U.S. Specialists estimate that it is going to take a few decades to achieve particular results. Project's total budget will be several billion dollars.


Many scientists from all over the world, federal agencies and commercial organizations are to be involved in the research.


Supporters of the programme hope that it will shed some light on better understanding of the neurons activity in the brain and the nature of human consciousness.


The results may be also essential for understanding some mental illnesses, as Alzheimer's or Parkinson disease. They may also become priceless in the scope of creating artificial intellect.


The project will cost $ 300 million per year and the U.S. president has already promised to reserve these funds in the federal budget.


Critics of the project say that it does not have a precise goal.


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