New blood testing technology introduced

21 Mar 2013, 12:38
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New blood testing technology introduced

Swiss scientists have created a miniature blood tester that can be wirelessly connected to the mobile phone and immediately provide results after been placed under the human skin, reports BBC.


The unit size is about 14 mm long. It is injected through the needle under the skin of the abdomen, arms and legs, staying there for several months.


Device prototype collects data on the activity of 5 different substances in the blood. The received data is sent via Bluetooth connection, and then can be forwarded to the doctor. The developers hope finish the device over the next four years.


There are other researchers working on similar innovations, but Professor Giovanni de Michelle and Sandro Carrara claim their tester is unique since it's capable of registering different parameters simultaneously.


This feature is particularly important in treating some chronic diseases like diabetes, or undergoing chemotherapy and similar procedures.


Laboratory tests conducted on animals had proven the device can measure the sugar, blood cholesterol, and some other substances levels quite accurately. First trials, most likely, will be carried out on intensive care patients.


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