New anti-smoking initiative of New York mayor

19 Mar 2013, 08:03
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anti-smoking initiative

All tobacco products might be removed from the sight of consumers in stores of New York City.


The draft that was revealed by the mayor of NYC Michel Bloomberg seeks to forbid store owners to keep cigarettes and tobacco products in customers' sight. 


According to the NYC health department, they must be kept in any place that is out of sight of customers, except the cases when an adult person wants to buy tobacco products or when the products have to be restocked.


The main goal of this bill is to decrease the level of smoking among young people. Officials say, that view of tobacco products on shelves in stores increases chances that youth would try them.


As Michael Bloomberg said: «This law will prevent next generations from the diseases that are caused by smoking, and extend their life».


If the law gets passed, it would be the first such innovation being implemented in the U.S. Similar bills were passed in Iceland and Canada in 2001 and 2005 respectively. The levels of young people smoking in these countries have noticeably decreased.


Another proposed law will establish the minimum price on tobacco products, which in turn will eliminate the low-cost products from stores.


A member of the NYC Council, James Gennaro, commented: «Science the studies show us that the earlier a person starts smoking, the more difficult it will be to stop smoking. Implementation of such laws will give a huge feedback in terms of health condition of our people in future».


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