Modern hair dyes may be lethally dangerous

28 Feb 2013, 12:27
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In the name of beauty, women are ready to go through intensive hair dying, cosmetic tanning and even cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, such efforts sometimes are not worth it; more than that, they can pose a serious threat to their health.


Used by millions of women around the world hair dyes can cause cancer, says the study conducted by UK scientists. The initiative of the study belongs to one cosmetic company that is going to start the production of safe hair dye.


During the research, scientists examined the composition of the paint and its interaction with environment. It was found that hair dye poses a dire threat. The amines abundant in the dye can penetrate the skin of the head and remain on the hair for a long time.


Coming into reaction with natural substances in the atmosphere and artificial pollutants as tobacco smoke and car exhausts they can transform into one of the strongest carcinogens called N-nitrosamine.


Some tumors occurring in women therefore have been associated with hair dying. It may be one of the cancer factors. The list of tumor types includes breast, ovary, brain, and bladder cancer. Leukemia is suspected as well.


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