Men and women smoking habits differ

14 Mar 2013, 08:16
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Men and women

Women turn to tobacco smoke to preserve inner calm, men often do it just for fun. Recent study showed that 56% of men smoke more often when spending time with friends.


For women the figure is 48% of female smokers, suggesting it is more socially acceptable for men, reports The Daily Mail.


33% of women often grab a cigarette when feeling stressed out. 55% of female smokers are convinced that their abuse is caused by some psychological factors, which has helped the development of nicotine addiction.


65% of female smokers involved in the survey tried to quit at least six times. To compare, the figure for male smokers is 54%.


"The women mind initiates an anti-stress mechanism trapping her in vicious circle making nicotine satisfaction the only way to deal with stress and anxiety. Breaking these habit appears to be a real challenge" - says Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist.


Survey conducted in UK engaging 2000 volunteers showed that 11% of smokers feel like quitting while 82% have made several desperate attempts. It is noteworthy that 50% still fear to confess to their mothers more than dads (44%), and to the partners and children (26% and 20% respectively).


The study also revealed smokers feeling ashamed of the habit (37%), unwillingness to make others worry about their health (32%), while for many high tobacco prices appear to be the only concern (22%).


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