Many heart-related deaths are linked to high salt consumption

22 Mar 2013, 11:30
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Many heart-related deaths are linked to high salt consumption

According to the new research, excess salt consumption was the main factor in over 2.3 million deaths from various heart-related diseases in 2010. This number represents approximately 15 % of the total amount of deaths from heart diseases in 2010.


1 million deaths (40% total) were caused by excess consuming of salt and were premature for people aged 69 and younger. 60% of people were men.


The U.S. was ranked 19th out of 30 biggest countries having 429 deaths per million of adults who consumed excess amount of salt. The scientists said that one in every ten heart-related deaths in U.S. is caused by the salt.


The highest death rates due to excessive salt intake were found to be in: Ukraine with 2.109 deaths per million, Russia 1803; Egypt 836. The lowest rate had: Qatar, 73; Kenya, 78; UAE, 134.


The results of the research were presented at the conference of American Heart Association (AHA) in New Orleans.


The head of the study, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, professor from the Harvard Medical School, claimed: «Global and national health changes should be done, such as implementation of programs, focused on decreasing the rate of salt consumption. Such steps could save millions of people annually».


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