Kidz Breakfast: Giant breakfast served in Norfolk.

25 Jan 2013, 07:11
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Super-sized breakfast that is claimed to weigh as a newborn human baby is offered in Norfolk, at Jesters Diner in Great Yarmouth.


The Kidz Breakfast is free of charge if you manage to eat it in less than an hour, or £15 if you fail.


Since the 43-year old owner of the restaurant Martin Smith realized his extraordinary idea he's been seeing his business on a rise. Some people come to his place to try to tackle the fried monster, others wish to make a picture with it not even attempting to finish it. There is a Facebook community around The Kidz Breakfast created by Martin Smith where his customers can share their memorable pictures and stories. Martin Smith says he's been receiving inquiries from people in the US and Australia who would like to try his creation.


















So far, there has been only one man who managed to finish The Kidz Breakfast. Robert Pinto who weighs 70 kg (11stones / 154 pounds), and from his own words does not even like breakfasts, claimed to have done it just for laughs. It took him 26 minutes to polish the plate.


It's a marvellous example of effective marketing one may think, but since this story hit the headlines it has drown attention from many outraged health activists. The local HeartCare Cardiac Support Group even published the message saying that finishing the meal would "absolutely ruin your heart".


“The Kidz Breakfast” is claimed to weigh 9lb (4.08 kg), and includes:


  • 12 rashers of bacon.

  • 12 sausages.

  • Six eggs.

  • Four black pudding slices.

  • Four slices of bread and butter.

  • Four slices of toast.

  • Four slices of fried bread.

  • Two hash browns.

  • Eight-egg cheese and potato omelette.

  • Saute potatoes.

  • Mushrooms.

  • Beans.

  • Tomatoes.

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