Japan does not agree with WHO report on Fukushima-1

1 Mar 2013, 15:41
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The World Health Organization (WHO) earlier had release the statement that the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" influenced the global statistics of cancer rates.


However, the Environment Industry of Japan does not agree with this information, report local media.


According to the official press release from the Ministry, the WHO report is not fully supported by scientific data and in no way can be considered the precise analysis or prediction.


Many risks described in the report may come out to be overrated. WHO claims that the radiation dose of 100 millisieverts is harmful for people, although there is no epidemiological studies to support it.


Japanese internal investigation showed that the incident at the nuclear power station won't lead to significant threat for people's health outside the country. As for Japan, cancer risks for both men and women living in the areas surrounding “Fukushima-1” are higher.


The disaster occurred in March 2011. It was caused by an earthquake that was followed by tsunami. After Chernobyl, it is considered the biggest nuclear accident.


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