Is pornography as bad as we tend to think it is?

25 Apr 2013, 13:36
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Is pornography as bad as we tend to think it is?

The new study by Dutch researchers aims to prove that the previous studies of the connection between X-rated materials and problems in sexual and social life were inaccurate and biased.


Several studies have linked porn to early start of sexual life, drugs abuse, problems with intimacy in relationships, etc.


Gert Martin Hald and his research team published the study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in which they subtly asked 4,600 young participants (5-25 years of age) the same question : what people consider will affect what people do.


The results demonstrated that widely shared threatening image of porn is not as common as it may seem.


According to the research results, previous studies exaggerated porn factor in many negative social trends.


The link between pornographic materials and risky behaviours is not obvious and clear, it may be just one among many factors encouraging excitement-seeking pathways, promiscuity, etc.


The study showed that about 90% of males and 50% of females use porn from time to time, usually on-line.


Researchers also found that porn use leads to risky or controversial sexual behaviours and values, for instance, expecting some form of pay for an intercourse, looking for real-life one-time sex partners via internet, and other “adventurous” practices that may lead to higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.


Halt says that adult materials are “just one factor among many that may influence the sexual behaviors of young people,” and these arguments “should not be interpreted as an indication that the influence … is negligible, nonexistent, or unimportant”.

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