Iran appears to be rhinoplasty capital of the world

5 Mar 2013, 07:12
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A rapidly growing number of Iranian women strives for plastic surgery, says the research conducted by the Rhinoplasty Research Society and the John Hopkins University. Women as young as 14 years of age go into surgery to achieve the “hollywood” standards.


The most popular and requested operation type is nose shape modification called rhinoplasty, reports The Daily Mail. Since traditional female chothing, hijab does not let demonstrate bodyshape, hair or skin, the ideal facial proportions become crucial in women's quest for attention.


As a result, Iran can be claimed the world nose job capital. Local surgeons perform seven times more operations than their American colleages.


Despite the fact that surgery prices are incredibly high comparing to the average wages, each year more than 200,000 people undergo them.


The demand also results in growing number of illegal practitioners. For example, in Tehran, only 157 plastic surgeons have an official license to operate compared to 7000 surgeons who work without official permit.


Even though specialist warns about rhinoplasty consequences like respiratory problems, nose malformation, sinus aches, nasal congestion, excessive  tissues and bones growth, smell loss, etc. the practice rises in popularity.


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