Interpol will combat counterfeit medicines

14 Mar 2013, 11:07
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Interpol announced an agreement with the world leading pharmaceutical companies to start a campaign against fake drugs. According to this deal, 29 biggest companies of the industry will provide 5.9 million U.S. dollars in the next three years to address the problem.


As Interpol claimed, “global efforts are needed to eliminate the black market of drugs”. Due to forged medications millions of lives are in danger daily.


The CEO of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, Christopher Viehbacher, said: ”In case of counterfeit drugs, it is a question of life or death for a patient. Approximately 10% of the drugs are fakes. And the level increases up to 50% in the third world countries”.


The money from pharmaceutical companies will go for the development of special programs and by Interpol. A part of this money will be spent for launching educational programs about danger of counterfeit drugs, predominantly on-line.

According to the WHO, more than 50% of the drugs that were bought on-line from the stores without physical address, were forged. Interpol will be investigating the international networks that distribute counterfeit products.


There are cases when counterfeits have led to death of the patients. Last year in Pakistan, hundreds of patients with heart disease died because of receiving false drugs.


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