Insomnia linked to heart disease

7 Mar 2013, 06:00
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According to the research conducted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology people who have difficulties falling asleep also have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.


During 11-year study scientists have observed more than 50000 volunteers aged from 20 to 89.


The volunteers were people who did not have any cardiovascular problems, and reported no problems with breathing or fatigue. The quality of sleep was the main indicator in the research.


Those people who had difficulties sleeping and constantly woke up during the night later in life were three times more likely to suffer from heart disease.


The people who generally could not have a proper rest during the night were found to be in a risk group. The correlation between sleep quality and heart disease remained, although was not as strict.

Meanwhile, experts still do not know whether insomnia can be considered the reason of heart failure.


If so, it is promising since insomnia can be treated. The most popular hypothesis among scientists is that poor quality of sleep provokes destructive processes in the human body, such as secretion of stress hormones.


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