Hybrid teeth can replace implant technology

12 Mar 2013, 14:36
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Hybrid teeth

Experts from London King's College have created fully functional "hybrid teeth". To grow them scientists used human gingival cells and mice's embryonic stem cells.


First, specialists took human gingival epithelial cells and grew them in the laboratory conditions. After the adult cells were connected with embryonic stem cells from the rodents, they were implanted into mice.


The procedure allowed mice grow functional teeth with dental roots and enamel, reports Nature World News.


According to the creators of innovation humans will be able to use "hybrid teeth" in the nearest future. The only drawback is incredibly high price. In order to make the procedure more accessible and less expensive, further experiments are required.

Study author Paul Sharpe stresses that reliable source mesenchymal and epithelial cells is essential for this method to work. It's the only way to make "bio-teeth" true alternative to implants.


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