Huntington's disease to ''protect'' from cancer

22 Apr 2012, 14:27
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Huntington's disease to ''protect'' from cancer

Huntington's disease which causes a mental decline, are likely to protect patients with this condition from caner, a Swedish study suggests.


Forty years of medical data gathering showed that people with Huntington's disease are half likely to have a cancer tumours. A study was published in the Lancet Oncology. However, it is still unknown why this happen.


The United Kingdom charity Cancer Research UK claimed that aforementioned results could help to tackle cancer and explore new ways of treatment.


Researcher from Lund University, Sweden, have analysed Swedish medical data on the issue for almost four decades. 1,510 patients with Huntington's disease were found.


The findings showed that only 91 patients with Huntington's disease developed different type of cancer, which was 53% less than the cancer rates in the general population.


Huntington's disease is one of the group of "polyglutamine diseases”. Interestingly, other similar disease showed the pretty much the same cancer “protection”.


The leading author said it was found that the number of cancer cases among patients with any kind of polyglutamine disease was significantly lower that in general population.


"We found that the incidence of cancer was significantly lower among patients with polyglutamine diseases than in the general population. However, he mentioned, that the reason of such anomaly is still unclear and future research should be conducted.

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