Hidden anorexia needs attention

26 Mar 2013, 17:25
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According to Dr. Jennifer Thomas, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard University, anorexia sometimes is not as easy to discover as it may seem.


It may take form of the borderline disorder, which is usually not diagnosed. "Almost anorexia" occurs in every twentieth case, reports The Daily Mail.

When borderline state occurs, only part of anorexia symptoms can be diagnosed. But their negative effects are devastating, nevertheless.


The most common symptoms for this condition are: weight loss, restricting diet, cleansing of stomach by vomiting, paroxysmal overeating, negative body image.

Diagnosing deviations becomes more difficult as fashion trends regulate the image of appearance to slimmer and slimmer. It has very powerful effect on people who in turn develop developing anxiety and low self-esteem.

For a diagnosis bulimia or anorexia, person's body mass index has to be 17.5 or lower. The second factor is presence of stable fear of gaining weight, which provokes vomiting, obsessive counting calories, etc.


Psychological changes include negative perception of one's body image and depression.

Full anorexia occurs in every two hundredth adult. But there is no statistic for "almost anorexia". Presumably this disorder is at least five times more frequent compared to anorexia.


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