Health Spa

21 Jul 2011, 17:57
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Health Spa

Research has greatly proved that premature aging and age related diseases are connected with imbalances of mind and body.

Thus, only health spa with optimum skin and anti aging therapy program will restore the perfect balance of mind and body delivering the body’s inner intelligence. Thus, undoubtedly, the basis of good health is essentially maintaining the connection between body’s inner intelligence and health spa physiologically.


The anti-aging treatment  will initially begin with ancient assessment technique of pulse diagnosis; your individual diagnosis is a powerful tool to design the specific aspects of your treatment. You will be allowed to relax and rejuvenate with two and half hours daily of special treatments which will highly lubricate the brain and counteract age related drying effects.


There will be special herbs right for you, yoga classes, delicious organic vegetarian meals, beautiful and peaceful surrounding and many more delights when you join health spa.


In health spa, there will be ayurvedic consultants and highly trained ayurveda technicians to administer the treatments for you. Thus, health spa is the perfect road to a long and healthy life inside and out.


The overall design of anti-aging program is to deliver body’s inner intelligence and restore balance of fundamental modes of physiologic and psycho logic functions. These fundamental modes or forms will only be especially available only in health spa.


The secret to successful aging and longevity is essentially; is to increase lubrication and stabilization and at the same time reduce disruption of mind and body.


With passage of time the body and mind is bound to have a tendency to get more unsettled dry and less flexible. These tendencies will greatly result in increase of diseases like insomnia, anxiety, stoke and dementia. Thus, you will be given rejuvenation program to counteract age-related drying effect of age and lubricate the brain.


The treatment includes herbalized application which will cover a comprehensive and soothing oil massage carried out by synchronized team of two technicians. The oils will be prescribed to suit your needs.


The treatment will promote penetration of nourishing oil deep into tissue to loosen and separate out impurities from cell structure successfully. Then there is a continuous flow of herbalized oil poured slowly and gently across forehead to settle and balance the nervous system. This effect is delightful and many have experienced profound relaxation during the treatment.


Thus, warm and soothing herbalized oil is used to bath the entire body settling agitation and balancing nervous system and providing a deep relaxing experience. The nose is considered to be the gateway of brain. So, impurities from head are to be removed via nasal passage. There is a special treatment of herbalized oil application to head and face followed by inhalation of herbalized steam.


A localized heat treatment and administration of various herbal preparations through nasal passage will purify the head and bring clarity to the brain physiology. This treatment will be very helpful for chronic sinusitis, allergies and other problems from head and neck areas.


Thus, in health spa, the anti aging program will be comprised of herbal treatment from an individualized set of herbs to improve brain function, blood circulation, reduce oxidative stress and promote natural rhythm of activity and sleep.


In health spa, there will be knowledge programs, which are health education courses and lectures to provide a cutting age of understanding of process of aging as well as treatments and methods to restore balances. There will be yoga classes, daily classes to provide soothing physical activity.


This integrated program of exercises will have profound effect if you will take a lovely walk in the beautiful meadows and woods surrounding the area. In addition, cooking classes, will he held daily to help you learn and practically apply the knowledge of health and nutritious food preparation.


Thus, in health spa, early and holistic intervention is very vital to promote health and longevity. The modern scientific research has identified many body and mind function imbalances that lead to improper aging and age related disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.


The physiological purification treatments in health spa will be very beneficial in reduced cardiovascular risk factor, reduced lipid peroxide levels. Reduced total cholesterol level, increased HLD cholesterol, reduced systolic blood pressure, reduced anxiety levels and last but not least reduced level of toxins.


Thus, health spa will suggest you the pre treatment program before joining that is to do simple home procedures to loosen impurities in body to be easily and more effectively removed and after the health spa treatment you will be healthy, happy with the perfect mood.


You are taught the specific foods and exercise to do daily and seasonal routines to naturally promote balance and well being of staying healthy by natural means. A simple home program combined with personalized knowledge to expand your new sense of well being. Health spa is a simple approach without strain yet very powerful in its effect.


There also chronic disorder programs which will be covered by a preparatory home program, giving you special herb formulation and cleansing program and special diet will cleanse and nourish to open the channels of circulation, in residence treatment programs for removing toxins, nourish the depleted tissue and strengthen, heal and balance the body, and follow up home programs later in residence to complete the treatment effectively.


Thus, health spa, will provide the comprehensive set of herbal, dietary, behavioral and cleansing recommendations to make you progress towards better health. Health spa is a life transforming experience.

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