Fruit and vegetables improve skin colour

11 Mar 2012, 03:19
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Fruit and vegetables

Studies suggest that moderate consumption of veggies and fruits can significantly improve the colour of the skin.


A set of researches conducted recently found a connection between eating vegetables and fruits and the skin pigmentation.


It is known for a while that certain red and yellow pigments can have an effect on skin colour. However, it has been unknown, what amount of greens is enough for improving the overall appearance in terms of normal diet.


That is why, scientists from the St. Andrews University, Scotland conducted a small study based on observations of 35 white students who were quizzed on their fruits and vegetables consumption during the period of six weeks.


Special instruments were used to analyse skin colour before and after the study. Results showed that vegetables and fruits consumption may have certain effect on skin colour.


However, the study was rather limited, partially because of the people involved. It doesn't say anything about effect of vegetables and fruits on older people, as well as non-whites. As a result further studies need to be made.


Another problematic point is that aforementioned study did not pay attention to the important factor like food preparation techniques. It is a well-know fact, that the way food is prepared significantly affect the amount of useful elements in the dishes.

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