Foreign doctors murdered in Nigeria

11 Feb 2013, 09:00
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Three doctors of oriental origin have been killed in north-eastern Nigeria, the city of Potiscum. According to the local residents, the victims were murdered during the night. Two doctors were killed by slitting of a throat, and the third one was beheaded.


The bodies were reportedly discovered inside their apartment on Sunday morning, after neighbours became worried that they were not answering the door.


They were employed in the government-run Genearal Hospital. An unnamed official has already confirmed this information.

Although nobody has taken the responsibility for the attacked, the authorities suspect Boko Haram's involvement.


Postiscum is located in the area where the Islamist militant group has been active in recent years. And active in this case means dreadful number of 600 people killed in 2012.


Yobe state police chief Sanusi Rufai said it was nevertheless too early to know who was behind the attack, which happened either late on Saturday or before dawn on Sunday. The investigation is under its way.


He added that their residential complex had no security, and they used to travel through the town in taxis without police guards.


Officials had earlier said the doctors were from South Korea, rather than North Korea.


Residents meanwhile claimed that they were Chinese and had been employed by the state ministry of health for about a year. Mr. Rufai also said they were from China.

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