Fluoridated water is beneficial for adults too

7 Mar 2013, 15:14
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Fluoridated water

Study conducted by professor Gary Slade and his colleagues from the University of Adelaide in Australia found that fluoride fortification of the water benefits the condition of teeth in adults as well.


This fact was established after the first-in-history study of the adult population use of fluoridated water.


Scientists inspected teeth of 3800 Australians starting at the age of 15 and older.


One of the leaders of the research, Dr. Kaye Roberts-Thomson says that previously it has been known that fluoride helps save children's teeth from caries, but studies on adults have not been carried out before.


The results of research showed that people who have been drinking fluoride water for more than 75% of their lifetime had a 30% decrease in the risk of caries development compared to people who used such water only for 25% of their lifetime.


In addition, if a person had been born before the start of such practice he or she still felt a positive effect after its implementation.


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