First ever womb transplant patient is pregnant in Turkey

15 Apr 2013, 16:01
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First ever womb transplant patient is pregnant in Turkey

Derya Sert, now 22, was born without a womb and, therefore, did not have any chances to conceive a child. She became the first woman in the world to receive donor womb transplant in August 2011.


Since 2011 several other women have undergone similar transplantation procedure while Sert is the first to become pregnant now.


It is estimated that one in every 5 thousand females around the globe is born with this rare condition, and thousands more loose their organs in cancer surgeries, due to various diseases and injuries.


In this case, Derya had healthy and perfectly developed ovaries capable of producing ova, which were harvested by the doctors and artificially fertilised with her husband's Mustafa's sperm to create implantation-ready embryos.


They had been waited for 18 months before attempting to implant an embryo into the transplanted womb, to ensure the pregnancy had the best possible odds of survival.


"Early test results are consistent with pregnancy. The patient is in good health at the moment. We will continue to update on developments in the coming period," Akdeniz University Hospital in Turkey's Mediterranean city of Antalya said in a statement late on Friday.


Professor Omer Ozkan, who carried out the transplant in 2011, said Sert and her husband Mustafa, 30, are eagerly waiting to see their baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound for the first time.


"Derya and Mustafa are very happy about the news," he added. "They’ve been realistic about all the possibilities".


“This is all very early stage, but the results are promising. When we can see the baby’s heartbeat, then we’ll relax”.

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