Fingerprint scandal in Brazil

13 Mar 2013, 10:21
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Fingerprint scandal in Brazil

Brazilian doctor has been involved in the recent investigation that surprised many healthcare experts around the globe.


She was caught on camera while using artificial “fingers” made of silicone to check in and out the absent colleagues, reports BBC.


29-year-old Towne Done Ferreira was arrested after she had used specially made “fingers” to deceive a biometric registration system designed for checking employees' arrival at the clinic of Ferraz de Vasconcelos near San Paulo.


Police investigators believe the doctor had been covering her six colleagues for quite some time.


Upon the arrest the doctor was caught with six silicone objects looking like fingers with engraved fingerprints of some of the hospital staff. Brazilian Ministry of Health initiated its own investigation to find out more details on this case.


300 local employees who managed to receive their wages while sitting at home have already been called "army of ghosts", report the officials. The list includes workers from health-care, education and security services.


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