Eyelash extensions may lead to allergies, infections, and eyelash loss

20 May 2013, 17:35
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Eyelash extensions may lead to allergies, infections, and eyelash loss

Beauty industry has been constantly on a rise recently, and even despite economic crisis and downfall in many areas of human spending, it keeps expanding.


Modern men, and even more so, modern women are ready to go to great lengths for physical attractiveness. The industry of artificial eyelash extensions has greatly benefited from this desire and flooded the market with diverse supply.


With the technological advance, it is now possible to acquire top-class quality extensions that can last up to several month for really reasonable price. There are even full eyelash transplants, which can be applied in a surgical setting.


However, from a medical perspective, such procedures may not always be safe and healthy, numerous studies, which have looked at long-term eyelash extension effects, show


For example, a study from Consumer Reports says that eyelash extensions may produce discomfort, irritation and various more serious allergic reactions, most common of which is conjunctivitis, also called pink eye. The cause of such effects lies in the build-up of dirt and bacteria in the lashes materials.


Another study of more than 100 females in Japan, connected many eyelid discomforts and complications with use of synthetic eyelash extensions. Some of the products used by millions women worldwide may contain heavy metals, carcinogens and other potentially dangerous chemical agents.


Actress Kristin Chenoweth, wearing sunglasses, described her disastrous experience with artificial eyelashes on The Late Show With David Letterman.


Chenoweth said she developed eye discharge which then caused a hard crust to form around her eyes. As a result, she was prescribed a course of antihistimine medication and eye drops.


Her allergic reaction was due to formaldehyde containing glue that held her eyelashes in place. Formaldehyde is a substance with well-documented carcinogenic properties.


In fact, even milder and less harmful materials such as latex rubber, can lead to severe allergic reactions. The problem is that many manufacturers do not indicate the exact ingredients making it more difficult to avoid certain chemicals.


The report from Britain's College of Optometrists warns that the tension produced by artificial eyelashes may lead to eyelash loss.


After all, if you opt to go for an eyelash extension procedure, talk to a dermatologist about possible risks first, and in case you feel any discomfort or abnormalities, don't wait, see a doctor immediately.

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