Emergency measles vaccination held in UK due to developing epidemic

23 May 2013, 08:30
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Emergency measles vaccination held in UK due to developing epidemic

Measles vaccine evoked a heated debate in the United Kingdom over a decade ago.


The hypothesis that it could potentially lead to autism in children quickly drew attention of media and general public turning many worried parents away from vaccinating their children.


Although numerous studies have debunked this myth since then, at least one million kids did not receive their measles shots and were left without protection against the disease.


Currently, the United Kingdom is on the second place after Romania in total amount of measles cases per year raising new concerns, this time about developing epidemic and the ways to prevent it.


In 2013, there have already been more than 1200 cases reported, obvious increase compared to 2012 total record of two thousand cases. The peaking numbers have prompted British health officials to start a game of catch up.


15 years after the autism speculations surfaced, emergency vaccination clinics have been held all over Great Britain almost every week within last months aiming at children between ages 10 and 16.


Although there still are people who believe in link between autism and measles vaccine, much more research has been provided to encourage people to get their children vaccinated.


In the United Kingdom, nearly 90 percent of children under five-years-old are vaccinated. This percentage drops to below 50 percent in certain areas of the nation in the age group of 10 to 16.


In order to prevent measles from spreading rapidly, countries are recommended to have over 95 percent of the children population vaccinated, which is why it has become a huge part of the health officials' agenda.


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