Drew Barrymore launches her own beauty products line

18 Mar 2013, 14:56
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Drew Barrymore launches her own beauty products line

The collection went into US stores this week.


Drew says that it is all about beauty with a feel-good-factor - there is no advertising so that resources can be pumped straight back into formulations and packaging, and there is no animal testing.


Plus, "it's all made with the same ingredients used in luxury make-up," says the 38-year-old Hollywood actress, for what we think is a snip of the price.


The price is only marked up in dollars for now, as it sells exclusively at Wall-Mart in the US - but it is likely that this smart little line up will make its way to the UK as well.


Most enticing are the face perfectors. As a child-star she practically grew up on set, add to that her six-year stint as co-creator and face of CoverGirl and you can see why Barrymore knows exactly how to make a face flawless on screen.


One can hardly doubt she's got an idea about what to put in a bottle of concealer, BB cream or illuminating cream or her snappily named Skincognito to make the skin picture-perfect too.


The line is pretty extensive - there are eleven complexion perfectors, five types of lip colour, nine eye products (including Lash Knockout which we'd like to try) and of course five nail colours (any make-up brand launching now has to recognise the power of the polish).


But there is another way to get closer to the brand, and its founder. Products aside, you can also pose a beauty question to Drew via her Flower Facebook page. She'll then pick a question at random, and answer it in her weekly Tip Tuesday tutorials.


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