Dream:ON the revolutionary experiment from Scotland

14 Apr 2012, 12:12
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Medical experts and scientists are striving to affect the dreams. A specific smartphone application was designed, which is able to play sounds like birds singing in a forest or waves lapping against the shore.


The thing behind this application was to make dream the most pleasant experience. The research team want thousands of people to participate. The method of recruiting people is interesting, too: it relies mostly on public volunteering.


The sounds are played around 20 minutes before participants say they want to wake up. The application called Dream:ON. The Dream:ON app wait until the time a person starts dreaming, using special in-app sensors of movement. Afterwards it starts to play sounds.


When sensors feel that the person has stopped dreaming, the alarm turns on in a bid to wake a person up. Then the app asks people to send the report to the database called “Dream Catcher”.


According to the scientists, good night sleep is essential for every person. The fact is that bad dream affects the quality of the sleep.


"Despite this, we know very little about how to influence dreams - this experiment aims to change that".

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