Differents in arm's blood pressure may cause early death

25 Mar 2012, 07:30
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Differents in arm's blood pressure may cause early death

A considerable blood pressure difference in a human arms might be connected with a early death researchers state.


A study based on the observations of 230 patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) found that those with big differences in systolic pressure were far more exposed to the heart attack, stroke and other similar diseases. Thus such patients are likely to need more health checks, according to the British Heart Foundation.


Despite the strict national guideline to measure blood pressure, a lot of medics doesn't obey the rules of measuring pressure in both arms. Dr Christopher Clark, the leading author of the study, published recently in the British Medical Journal said the call to was pretty simple.


The article tried to attract public and health professionals attention to the fact that not all doctors follow national guidelines for blood pressure. Moreover, Dr. Clark pointed out on the necessity of strict guidelines following for assessing blood pressure.


He also called the patient who is assessing blood pressure at home for using national guidelines. If the patient is treated on the basis of the high blood pressure, it is crucial to know whether there is a big difference between pressure in both hands.


This information can make a significant impact on diagnosis and treatment doctor might choose.


An analysis of 28 study researches published in The Lancet Journal showed that a large difference between blood pressure level can be connected with a risk of vascular diseases and death.


A speaker from the British Heart Foundation Maureen Talbot think that this study supports the blood pressure assessment guidelines. She also noted that for people taking measurements at home it is advisable to know a little more about blood pressure, because contemporary medicine find it normal to have slightly different blood pressure readings in arms.


The other thing is a big difference between readings. That might be the early signs of some serious risk. A patient can have additional test to check heart issues. Such patients might have peripheral cardiovascular disease, which usually has no visible symptoms.


As experts plead, give up smoking may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in this group of patients.

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