Daily dose of aspirin lowers melanoma risk in women over 50

11 Mar 2013, 10:29
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The risk of melanoma in women may be greatly reduced with the daily dose of aspirin says the new study.


This study is the largest one ever done for the prevention of melanoma. Close to 60 thousand of women aged 50 and older took part in it.


The researchers from the School of Medicine at the Stanford University followed them up with after 12 years. The study was published March 11 in the American Cancer Society's journal Cancer.


Women taking aspirin daily had overall lower risk of developing melanoma by 21 percent.


What it also showed is that if you took aspirin up to 5 years consecutively it would result in 30% reduction in the development of melanoma risk. The decrease was demonstrated to go up with every year a person takes aspirin.


Melanoma, which is a cancer that affects pigment melanin-producing cells in the skin, is considered the deadliest type of skin cancer. It usually begins as a mole, or develops out of previously existing mole.


An estimated 76 thousand new cases of the disease are expected in 2013, among which more than 9 thousand are expected to die.


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