Corona virus patient dies in UK

19 Feb 2013, 08:00
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Corona virus

Previously reported patient that was treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for a newly emerged SARS-like corona virus has died, the hospital reported.


According to the statement the patient was also being treated for “a long-term, complex unrelated problem” and his immune system was weakened.


By now, a total of 12 cases of the infection have been proved with the first emergence in the Middle East. Most people who were infected by the virus had visited Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. Six people have died already.


It is notable that the patient who died in the Great Britain was one of the three members of a family who contracted the disease within the family. It is believed that another family member, who is currently under treatment as well, picked it while traveling to the Middle East.


The virus was earlier believed to have been occasionally jumping from animals to humans. Some bat viruses were shown to be structural similar to the corona virus. Now, when it's been proved that the virus can be transferred person-to-person within humans, scientists are still not sure about how the transmission process occurs.


The British Health Protection Agency has released a statement in which it acknowledged the possibility of human-to-human transmission, but ensured that the risk of the virus spreading is rather low.


Confirmed cases:


Saudi Arabia: Five cases, three deaths.

Jordan: Two cases, two deaths.

UK: Four cases, one death.

Germany: One case, flown from Qatar.

Total: 12 cases, six deaths.

Source: Health Protection Agency/World Health Organization.


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