Chocolate may make the body slimmer

2 Apr 2012, 07:39
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Chocolate may benefit the body shape. Recent results of the research based on 1,000 people in the United States showed particular links between the standard body indicator such as Body Mass Index (BMI), diet, calories intake and the consumption of chocolate.


It was found that participants who ate chocolate at least a couple of times a week were less exposed to obesity than those who ate it from time to time. It s important to note that the study didn't consider various chocolate snacks as a 'chocolate', thus not taking into account a bunch of chocolate-like products.


According to the study authors despite the fact that chocolate is full of calories it also has ingredients that may boost weight loss.


The article published in Archives of Internal Medicine showed that adding chocolate in the regular diet is associated with lower BMI index.


The notion was proved even after additional indicators such as how much exercise individuals did were added. The study found no links between quantity of chocolate you consume. Instead, it was probed that how often a person eat chocolate matters.


The lead authors pointed out, however, that this research is found link between two factor, not the cause and effect kind of relations. She also noted that aforementioned work is valuable because it has suggest that composition of calories matters more that its quantity. The latter determines the configuration of the body and the chance of being overweight.


There is a myriads of useful chocolate's features. A lot of studies have been working on the issue and made notions about chocolate's benefit to human body: for cardiovascular system (changes in blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and cholesterol level), for immune system and so forth.


Moreover it contains antioxidant called catechins which are claimed to have a positive impact on muscle mass and consecutively reduce overall weight.


However, people should be aware of the fact that there is a lot of unanswered questions about chocolate so it is recommended to keep you chocolate consumption at average.

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