Chinese bird flu found in Taiwan

24 Apr 2013, 16:44
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Chinese bird flu found in Taiwan

Recently identified Chinese lethal bird flu strain has been discovered in Taiwan making it the first place outside of mainland China to report H7N9 discovery.


The H7N9 infection was found in 53-year old male business traveller from China.


His test came positive after he returned from eastern Chinese city of Suzhou via Shanghai, Minister of Health Chiu Wen-ta reported at a briefing.


Taiwan's Centres for Disease Control said today in it's statement that the man had been hospitalized in critical condition at undisclosed medical facility. He did have any contact with poultry and birds.


After the new strain was discovered in March 2013, it has been spreading in several regions of China before being discovered outside of its territory producing scare and calls for thorough check-ups of travellers leaving and arriving in China.


China, the biggest business partner of Taiwan, has been struggling to control spread of the virus that has already killed 22 people.


World Health Organization says evidence that H7N9 can easily transfer among people has not been found yet.


Also fowl infected by the virus shows no signs of disease, making it hard to be detected in poultry.


The SARS virus that killed more than 770 people worldwide in 2003, was reported to travel from Taiwan to China in February 2003 before infecting 346 people there.

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