Child may start developing language skills while still in womb

26 Feb 2013, 18:08
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Brain scanning of 12 premature infants showed that they are able to recognize speech already on the 28th week of their development, reports BBC. In particular, they can distinguish male and female voices.


Most likely, these abilities are acquired during fetal development. It means that while in womb, a child can develops language skills in response to parents' voices.


It has been known that ears and parts of the brain responsible for hearing abilities form by 23rd week of infant's development.


However, until quite recently scientists had doubts about the exact period of development of hearing abilities in infants.


According to the claims of Dr. Fabrice Vallois and his colleagues the environmental factors are essential. But still the system of language processing is innate.


Human brain is able to distinguish the nuances of speech from the very beginning of the cortical network development, which is required for the perception of sound. At the same time, the fact is the development of language skills needs a lot of practice .


Once in the new world, the baby's brain begins to develop rapidly; to what extent it advances through the fetal stage is still under question.


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