Chewing gum can help maintain concentration

12 Mar 2013, 13:53
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Chewing gum

According to the British researchers that performed a new study, chewing gum can be not only an effective breath-freshener, but may also help increase the level of your concentration. The study has been published in the British Journal of Psychology.


Previously, it has been identified that chewing gum helps to perform better in different sight-related memory tasks. In this new research, scientists wanted to find out whether chewing gum is beneficial in the hearing memory tests.


During the study, 38 people were divided into two groups, and both groups did a 30-minute listening tasks. Members of one of the groups were chewing gum while completing their task.


The task was to listen to the different numbers from 1 to 9 announced in random order. The results demonstrated how precisely and fast the participants could identify the order of odd and even numbers.


Final results showed that those people who were chewing gum had faster reaction and were able to produce more accurate results. The tendency became more distinct at the end of the task.


«The most interesting thing is that people who were not chewing gum showed a little bit better performance at the beginning, but were surpassed at the end of the task,» said Kate Morgan, the head of the study from Cardiff University. «Such findings prove that chewing gum helps to cope with tasks that demand focus during the longer periods of time».

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