Champions League semi-finals, Lewandowski brings Borussia confident win over Real Madrid

25 Apr 2013, 01:04
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Champions League semi-finals, Lewandowski brings Borussia confident win over Real Madrid

Real Madrid, just like Barcelona on the previous night, wouldn't even attempt to dispute their loss: Borussia victory was unambiguously deserved.


Real was simply outplayed in the first-leg game of the semi-finals in Dortmund. Borussia demonstrated incredible speed, agility, team dynamics and intelligence leading to goal chances right from the beginning of the game.


In the 8th minute, Goetze came up with surgically precise delivery; his whirling cross from left reached a perfect spot between goalkeeper and defenders where Robert Lewandowski was first to chase it and volley inside the net.


His magnificent night was about to unravel.


Real then played with no enthusiasm, leaving their half of the field reluctantly as if going into a trap.


Borussia was successful at robbing them and returning the ball back in breathtaking counter-attacks with unimaginable cooperation speed and agility.


Unexpectedly, Real levelled the game right before the half-time break.


Matts Hummels performed careless pass back to his goalkeeper letting Higuain to overtake it and pass to dashing Christiano Ronaldo for whom finishing the attack was no hard task.


Although it seemed that the goal into the dressing room would bring comfort and confidence to the visiting team, it did not happen. Or perhaps Borussia did not let it happen.


The second half started with Borussia's swift attacks that quickly led to second goal, again by Lewandowski. He meticulously scored his third goal of the game five minutes later, and in the 66th minute, when Alonso pushed Reus in Real's penalty area it was finished.


Lewandowski completed penalty with an air of sharp and brisk energy that must have subdued Madrid players completely.


Although they had a few chances to improve the situation, those were sporadic and unsuccessful.


'I think they were the best team by far and won every individual battle on the pitch and were stronger than us, more aggressive physically and tougher mentally so they deserved it,' Real manager, Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports 1.


“How it went from 1-1 to 4-1, I really don't know because everything happened in a very short space of time in the far goal from the position where I was. But we lost easy possession and we couldn't cope with their counter-attacking and their transition”, he added.


When asked whether advance to the final was still possible, Mourinho replied: "It is of course very difficult but in football it can happen. Of course we can, on a crazy night, where everyone performs at a high level and every chance you have and every goal you score is with a high level of efficiency. Of course you can".


Jurgen Klopp, unusual man and Dortmund manager radiated happiness and joy commenting his team's performance against the visiting Spanish champions.

He said: "It was an unbelievable, great game of my team. It was so difficult today because they are so strong and fast and they are so brilliant on the counter-attack".

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