Champions League semi-finals, Bayern defeats Barcelona in Munich

24 Apr 2013, 00:00
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Champions League semi-finals, Bayern defeats Barcelona in Munich

The eagerly awaited clash between two titans of European football, Bayern and Barcelona, which both have already won the Champions League four times each, unexpectedly turned into mismatch.


Traditionally for Barcelona's opponents, Bayern could not seize the ball possession, but it confidently dominated the centre of the field, even without ball, dismantling Barcelona’s famous short-pass style long before it led to scoring chances, and then eventually pressed the Catalans in the opposite direction.


German players utilized their physical advantage perfectly dominating the air and pushing Barcelona into gradual submission.


Lionel Messia who returned after missing three Primera matches with hamstring injury suffered in the Champions League quarter-finals against PSG, was not able to make any difference on the field.


His passes did not aim forward, traditional sharp advances broke off with no escalation, and his whole performance was imperceptible to say the least.


Messi's whole team did not seem to have a chance in the game. In the 25th minute, Müller opened the score driving in a header after loosing his defender in the corner kick scramble.


Barcelona had almost no chances to equalize in the first half as the game continued.


A couple minutes after half-time, Mueller again headed the corner kick back in front of the goal, where Mario Gomez swept it past Victor Valdés.


Barcelona looked stunned, but not really worried since the 2 goals handicap was nothing new after the quarter-finals against Milan.


When Arjen Robben's shot from sharp angle, after ambiguous block by Mueller against Jordi Alba, went into the net in the 73rd minute, the worries became apparent on the Catalans' faces.


Then Mueller slid in the penalty area to finalize his team's success scoring the fourth goal of the game, and Barcelona players finally seemed to have understood they have been crushed.


After that Blaugrana seemed to be waiting for the end, just wanting to get out of Bavaria and hopefully turn things around at its Camp Nou stadium next week.


Overall, three Barcelona strikers — Alexis Sánchez, Pedro Rodríguez, and Messi— together produced three off-target shot. The playmakers Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Martines had none.


Bayern stats were much better reflecting the result on the field and unbelievable atmosphere that the Allianz Arena submerged in.


"This team has dominated Europe over the last five years," Robben said of Barcelona, "and if you beat them like this, I think you can be proud"

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