Cell phones and cancer, still unclear

7 Mar 2013, 16:27
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Two years ago, WHO announced that cell phones are potentially oncogenic devices. Excessive use of cell phones can increase the risk of development of some types of encephaloma.


Recently, Israeli scientists from the Tel Aviv University and "Beilinson" hospital have confirmed the link between cell phones radiation and cancer of the thyroid gland.


It is a known fat that through the last ten years the number of patients with thyroid cancer in Europe and Israel increased. As to exact figures, in 1990 per every 100,000 Jewish men there were only 4.2 brain cancer patients.


In 2007, the number went up to 4.7. Among women, the rates jumped from 9.7 to 16.3. Among Arabic men - from 1 to 3.2, and Arabic women - from 4.3 to 10.9.


The scientists attempted to test the potential impact of the mobile phones on thyroid cells of healthy people in laboratory setting. Special devices that simulated electromagnetic radiation produced by cell phones were used in the experiment.


Antigen Ki-67 was used for this study. After being irradiated by the electromagnetic waves, its cells starting dividing faster.


According to Professor Raphael Faynmessera, it's too early to draw the final conclusions.


At the same time, many scientists believe that mobile phones technology and cancer tumors are not related in any way because the produced emissions are not radioactive, and there is no genetic damage that could cause uncontrolled cell division.


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