Will electronic cigarettes become a remedy?

21 Feb 2013, 18:20
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electronic cigarettes

British American Tobacco (BAT) company is going to transform electronic cigarettes into effective and perhaps popular medication reports New Scientis.


The idea of harmless cigarettes first appeared in the 1950s. Since then, various versions of filters and «lite» kinds of cigarettes have been created.


In fact, the new modifications did not make any difference for smokers' health. Thinking that cigarettes are made less harmful, people smoke even more than before.


Last December, British American Tobacco bought CN Creative, which produces electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes. Now its representatives are intending to get a permission from British government and equate e-cigarettes to drugs reducing craving for smoking.


In particular, e-cigarettes are claimed to be able to help heavy smokers. However, there are still many questions and technicalities. Also, the government has to decide whether to license cigarettes as drugs, or not.


Furthermore, nobody knows how safe these cigarettes will be in long-term perspective and whether they will introduce new people to the crowd of smokers.


The similar situation is with the chewing tobacco, which is legal only in a few countries of Europe. In the rest of the European states, it is prohibited by reason of its carcinogenic qualities and increased risk of tobacco dependency.


But there's a reason to believe that, in fact, chewing tobacco helps to give up smoking. It is less harmful than cigarettes. In Sweden where chewing tobacco is legal, the rates of smoking and deaths caused by cigarettes are the lowest in Europe.


If Swedish experience could be used in other European countries, it could prevent at least 92000 deaths every year.


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