Calories in alcohol

21 Feb 2013, 07:00
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Calories in alcohol

Experts say alcohol is on the second place after fat in terms of calories containing. For those who control weight and have to stick to a diet, it is necessary to pay attention to the alcohol intake.


According to the World Cancer Research Fund, alcohol accounts for 10% of general calorie consumption in drinkers.

Having one drink of wine is the same as eating two chocolate cookies in the matter of calories.


It will cost you 178 calories. To burn such amount of energy you will need to walk for at least 30 minutes.


Alcohol is a little bit less calorific that fat, containing 7 kcal/g while fats contains 9 kcal/g. To compare, protein and carbohydrates contain 4 kcal/g, fiber — 2 kcal/g. If you intake a large amount of calories and do not perform physical exercises, you will put on some weight eventually.


Unfortunately, alcohol does not contain any nutritional value for your body. Those so called «null calories» are sometimes ignored by people, says the World Cancer Research Fund.


The head of health information in WCRF, Kate Mendoza, said: «Studies showed that many people are not aware of amount of calories that alcohol has and do not take them into account when making their diet plan». According to Ms. Mendoza, quitting drinking will have a substantial positive impact on your weight losing process.


Researchers found out that alcohol is the reason for many types of cancer and quitting drinking will help to decrease the risk of cancer.


For men who can not cut out drinking completely, it is recommended to consume no more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day. For women, the advised amount is lower — 2-3 drinks per day. For example, regular glass of wine is about two units of alcohol.


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