Brazilian doctors suspected in mass killing of patients

28 Mar 2013, 16:28
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Brazilian doctors suspected in mass killing of patients

A mysterious deaths of seven patients at the Brazil hospital raised suspicions in local police investigators who have already labeled this proceeding the "doctors-killers case".


The investigation has found out that the suspected doctor had ordered the hospital staff to give their patients muscle relaxation drugs, so when the nurses turned down the amount of oxygen supplied by the artificial life support, patients died.


Their motive was truly sinister and unbelievable, the staff freed the beds from unwanted patients in this way.


Police consider Soarez Virginia Helena de Souza, leading doctor of intensive therapy department in the hospital of Curitiba, Southern Brazil, to be one of the main suspects. She has been released on bail while the investigation continues.


Also, police suspect seven more people to be allegedly involved in the crime. Investigators are now checking more than 300 patients' charts looking for additional clues.


The head of the ministry’s investigation team, Dr. Mario Lobato, has made a disturbing concession to a local news network regarding the 300 pending records:


“They all have the same modus operandi, the same relationship between the drug and the death, and the timing,” The Guardian quotes him as saying.


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