Bloomberg wants new yorkers to lower volume in headphones

13 Mar 2013, 13:04
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Bloomberg wants new yorkers to lower volume in headphones

New York mayor starts strong campaign to convey the message to the city residents that cranked headphones are harmful for ears.


Health officials informed on Wednesday that a new social media and advertisement campaign worth 250 thousand dollars will be launched in the city.


Its aim is to inform the city residents that listening to the music in headphones at the highest volume levels can produce hearing ability decline, or even loss.


There is still no clear strategy and plan how the message about the hearing loss is going to be delivered to the residents. City authorities plan to engage diverse focus groups and interview individuals from different age groups to frame the campaign in the best possible efficient way.


Fund of Public Health that is a fund raising subdivision of the city Health Department will be controlling the process.


According to the information from The National Institute of Deafness and other communication disorders, lengthy exposure and close proximity to the sounds 85 decibels and above can damage hearing abilities.


In the regular city street lots of things can produce such levels of sound including traffic, mowers, construction and music. Common music player can produce up to 105 decibels at the highest volume, the institute release says.


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