Rare condition makes woman shed tears of blood

27 Jun 2013, 11:18
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tears of blood woman

According to channel 24 Horas report, Chilean 20-year-old woman Yaritza Oliva has been diagnosed with horrific and very rare medical condition, haemolacria, after she started having blood drip out of her eyes


Those who suffer from haemolacria often have other ailments as well. Earlier this year, a Canadian man began to cry blood and doctors discovered he had been the victim of a venomous snake bite.


At first, doctors believed Yaritza had conjunctivitis or a simple eye infection, but then they were able to rule those out.


It's not known exactly what causes haemolacria and there is very little modern medical science can do about the rare condition, which was first identified in the 1970s.


Olivia was given eye drops which she uses several times a day when her tear ducts open up and blood trickles down her face. Oliva began shedding tears of blood earlier this month and called the pain was "indescribable."

Now, doctors are confident the 20-year-old woman from Purrante, Chile, suffers from a rare ailment called haemolacria, which is extremely painful.


Oliva's condition has alarmed her so much that she refuses to leave the house and her father has launched a fund drive in Chile so she can be treated by specialists.


Her family in the Los Lagos Region, are begging for donations so they can afford to take their daughter to a specialist. Oliva's father Jose Oliva, an out of work carpenter, said they could not even afford to get an accurate diagnosis.


"If we had money to take her to do everything possible, and we had done. It's painful for you," he told 24 Horas. "Has anyone put their hands over their hearts and see our situation and help my daughter."



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