Bird flu virus appears in Beijing

13 Apr 2013, 06:43
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Bird flu virus appears in Beijing

A patient that was hospitalized on Tuesday outside of eastern China with respiratory symptoms, fever and headache is 7-year-old girl from Beijing, the Beijing Health Bureau reported.


Her laboratory results became available on Saturday after the disease prevention centre analysed the samples. According to them H7N0 is already in Beijing.


The diseased child is in stable condition and should recover, the Beijing Health Bureau reported.


This information marked new geographic area the virus has spread to.


It is the first proved case outside eastern China where all the previous bird flu infections happened starting late March. In the recent weeks, Chines authorities took impressive measures to prevent the virus's spreading.


Hundreds of thousands live poultry, mostly chicken and pigeons, have been slaughtered and burned in several cities including gigantic industrial hub Shanghai, which accounts for most disease cases.


It is currently believed that people contract the disease during direct contact with fowl, and the risk of person to person transmission is absent or very low.


Though the last report from Shanghai health officials said that a husband of a previously hospitalized woman has also tested positive for H7N9 a few days later. If he was not infected directly through the contact with birds, it may be the first example of human-to-human transmission.


Neighboring Jiangsu province on Saturday confirmed two more cases — a 77-year-old woman and a 72-year-old man, both in critical condition. The province has reported 14 cases, including one fatality.


Zhejiang province has reported 11 cases, including two reported Saturday by state media, and Anhui province has had two.


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