Bill Gates promotes new generation condoms research

26 Mar 2013, 17:31
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Bill Gates

Bill Gates has initiated a program that aims at creating the next generation condoms. It offers an initial grant of $ 100,000 to an inventor, and then further $ 1 million after the project's potential has been demonstrated, reports Startup Smart.


People have been using condoms for about 400 years. However, this invention has not undergone any significant changes over the last 50 years, even though it is one of the most recognizable products worldwide with a steadily growing market.


Bill Gates is looking forward to get an improved condom for better sexual experience and protection.


In order to receive the grant, one must submit an application containing the hypothesis that is possible to be checked, as well as testing proposal and usability evaluation. After receiving the unambiguous data, second stage could be initiated.


Projects potentially worth funding will focus on utilization of new and highly durable materials that can enhance pleasure during sex. They should also touch such important features as shape and size.


The Gates Foundation, along with a group of independent experts, will choose the most interesting proposals.


Grand Challenges Explorations, a program to initiate the next-gen condom development started in 2008 and has already funded more than 800 grants in 52 countries since then.


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